The Astro Sage: Anand Soni’s Tailored Insights for Life’s Challenges

Since 1990, Shri Anand Soni has been a distinguished provider of training, consultation, and literature in astro sciences, operating globally from india based in pune . Renowned for his deep expertise in various esoteric sciences, Shri Soni offers a personalized consultation service that caters to individuals, properties, pets, businesses, and the film industry, utilizing an array of traditional and modern astrological methodologies.

Location and Contact Information

All consultations and communications are managed personally by Shri Soni, ensuring a direct and individualized experience. Prospective clients can reach him at +91 9822660231, which also serves as his WhatsApp number, streamlining the process for queries, appointments, and sharing necessary consultation details. Website www.anandsoni.com

Consultation Offerings

Shri Soni’s consultations encompass a wide spectrum of needs, providing detailed readings, precautions, guidelines, and remedies at reasonable fees. His services are available in 16 languages, including English, Hindi, Marathi, and more, ensuring accessibility for a diverse clientele. Consultations can be conducted in person, via voice or video call, or through on-location visits for property assessments based on various traditional sciences such as Vastu, Feng Shui, and Geomancy.

Consultation Process

The consultation process begins with an initial, no-cost discussion to understand the client’s specific requirements. This can be done through an in-person meeting, phone call, or WhatsApp message. Once the consultation requirements are established, clients are asked to provide detailed information via WhatsApp in a specific order to facilitate an efficient and thorough analysis. The final detailed written analysis is then shared via email.

Fees and Procedural Expenses

Shri Soni maintains a transparent fee structure, ensuring that clients are fully informed of any costs upfront. The basic consultation fee is ₹ 300, with additional charges for typing, photomicrography, printouts, and book binding, depending on the complexity and scope of the consultation. There are also charges for stationery, traveling allowances, courier services, on-location sessions, and the hire of audit tools for property examinations.

Specialized Consultations

Individual Consultations

Individual consultations are designed to address 16 potential challenges a person may face throughout their life. These include readings and remedies for personal and professional concerns, yearly, monthly, and daily predictions, as well as specialized services like vehicle readings, mobile number readings, signature tuning, and partner compatibility. Clients are advised to consult at least six months prior to the beginning of each antardasha (planetary cycle) to effectively manage forthcoming challenges.

To facilitate an accurate consultation, clients must provide detailed personal information, including birth details, family deity, photos for various types of readings (such as palmistry and podomancy), and a history of any previous astrological remedies.

Property Consultations

Property consultations cover a wide range of real estate scenarios, including plots, residential, non-residential, and religious properties, as well as construction projects. These consultations involve traditional sciences like Vastu and Feng Shui to ensure the property’s harmony and prosperity. Clients need to provide a rough sketch layout of the property and details of the individuals who hold the title.

Pet Consultations

Shri Soni also offers detailed astro profiles for pets, requiring clients to submit pictures of the pet and its living area. This unique service helps pet owners understand and address potential challenges their pets might face.

Business Consultations

For businesses, Shri Soni provides consultations on name numerology for the firm and its services, business stationery design, recruitment, and partnership compatibility. This service aims to optimize business success through astrological insights.

Movie Consultations

The film industry can benefit from Shri Soni’s expertise in selecting auspicious names, timings for significant events like muhurat (auspicious moment) and launches, and ensuring harmonious locations for shoots based on traditional sciences. He also provides personal astro profiles for the cast in the context of the filmmaking period.

Awards and Laurels

Shri Anand Soni’s contributions to astro sciences have been recognized with numerous awards and accolades. His work has garnered both national and international recognition, solidifying his reputation as a leading expert in the field. Detailed information about his awards and achievements can be found on his Wikipedia page: Anand Soni.


Shri Anand Soni’s comprehensive astro sciences consultations offer a blend of traditional wisdom and personalized service, making him a trusted advisor in the field. With his extensive knowledge and commitment to individualized attention, clients can expect insightful guidance tailored to their unique needs. Whether for personal growth, property harmony, pet well-being, business success, or film production, Shri Soni’s expertise provides valuable insights and remedies to navigate life’s various challenges.

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