Amish Keshwani – Author of “55 Digital Marketing Masterpieces”, A practical guide to Success.

Amish Keshwani, a digital marketing strategist with an impressive track record, has recently added another achievement to his list of accomplishments. Within less than 48 hours of its release, his book titled “55 Digital Marketing Masterpieces: Inspiring Your Next Winning Campaign” became a best-seller. In this article, we will explore the motivations behind Amish’s decision to write a book, the challenges he faced as a first-time author, and his notable achievements in the digital marketing industry.

Amish Keshwani, a digital marketer, consistently looked for innovative approaches to assist his clients in achieving outstanding outcomes. He studied the methods and approaches used by the best digital marketers around the world for six months. This investigation and analysis eventually culminated in a manual that Amish decided to distribute to other marketers. The outcome was “55 Digital Marketing Masterpieces,” a thorough manual for creating successful and captivating digital campaigns.

Like many first-time authors, Amish faced several obstacles and difficulties throughout the writing process. One of the initial challenges was selecting a topic for his book. However, driven by his passion for solving the problem faced by most digital marketers—finding proven creative ways to reach their target audience—he chose to address this issue head-on. Another hurdle was determining how to write the book, as he opted for an analytical and action-oriented approach rather than a traditional narrative style. Despite these challenges, Amish’s determination and expertise propelled him forward.

The achievements of Amish Keshwani in the field of digital marketing are well known. He is currently the Senior Vice President of a Forbes-listed B2B business, leading performance marketing initiatives that have generated a $40 million funnel. When he was given the “Outstanding Leadership Award” in Marketing 2.0’s Winter 2022 edition in Dubai, they recognised his knowledge and leadership. He was also given the “Indian Achievers Award” by the Indian Achievers Forum for the period 2022–2023.

Amish is also a sought-after speaker in the digital marketing field. He has participated in numerous panel discussions, addressing topics such as cost-effective customer acquisition, the impact of AI on B2B marketing, and the future of digital marketing. His expertise extends to providing insights into the industry through interviews, as seen in his conversation on “Digital Marketing Industry Insights” with Digital Vidya.

Amish Keshwani’s journey from a digital marketing strategist to a best-selling author is a testament to his expertise, dedication, and ability to deliver practical value to his audience. With his book, “55 Digital Marketing Masterpieces,” he provides marketers, both seasoned professionals and beginners, with actionable advice and strategies to create successful digital campaigns. Amish’s achievements and contributions to the digital marketing industry continue to inspire and motivate marketers worldwide

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