Pooja Misra: Victim of Relentless Hacking and Online Harassment


Pooja Misra, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, has been enduring a distressing situation involving the targeted hacking and deletion of her social media accounts. With her Twitter handles, LinkedIn profile, Instagram pages, Facebook handle, and YouTube channel compromised, Pooja faces financial losses and a systematic attempt to tarnish her reputation. This article sheds light on the ongoing challenges faced by Pooja Misra, highlighting the severity of cyberattacks and the urgent need for action.

Twitter Handles Pulled Down:

Pooja Misra’s Twitter handles, @sparemesayspm and @poojamisraprod, had amassed a substantial following. However, these handles were abruptly taken down, depriving her of a significant online presence. Pooja has been forcefully locked out of her own accounts, leaving her disconnected from her followers and unable to share her voice.

LinkedIn Profile Deleted:

After attending a workshop to enhance her professional networking on LinkedIn, Pooja Misra fell victim to a hacked phone, resulting in the deletion of her LinkedIn profile. The loss of connections and potential opportunities has been a significant setback for her career.

Mass Reporting of Instagram Pages:

Pooja Misra’s hard work in maintaining her Instagram presence was met with a cruel attack as three of her pages, including @poojamisraproduction, @poojamisra2018, and @therealpoojamisra, were mass reported and subsequently removed. The relentless efforts by hackers to delete her accounts have caused great distress, undermining her content creation and engagement with her audience.

Exploitation of Facebook Handle:

Pooja Misra’s Facebook handle, @poojamisraproduction, has become another target for hackers. She has been locked out of her own account, allowing the hacker to download her live videos and upload them on YouTube without her consent. This unauthorized use of her content has resulted in substantial financial gain for the hacker while leaving Pooja empty-handed.

YouTube Channel Hijacked:

Pooja Misra’s YouTube channel, @poojamisraproduction, has been forcefully compromised, leading to her loss of control over her own content. Several unauthorized channels have been created, where her old live videos are being posted. The hackers behind these channels are profiting from Pooja’s content without compensating her. Moreover, they maliciously aim to portray Pooja as crazy or psychologically unstable through their actions. Considering these parasites are minting crores on Poojas lives ,whenever she tries to upload her lives on her own YouTube channel they switch off the monteziation of her YouTube channel through the hacked phone …this is out and out and out cyber¬† terrorism as well as cyber dictatorship.

Continuous Sabotage and Harassment:

Pooja Misra’s situation goes beyond social media hacking. Hackers, relentlessly tracking her every move, have been actively obstructing her brand deals and manipulating her professional opportunities. They tamper with her emails, conveniently deleting work inquiries and confirmations, causing further financial damage. Despite changing her mobile devices and SIM cards multiple times, Pooja remains unable to escape the clutches of these privacy intrusions.

Pooja’s past experiences, particularly the loss of her father seven years ago, have been exploited by numerous troll accounts. These accounts consistently post embarrassing content using offensive usernames and thumbnails, with the intention of portraying Pooja as having psychological issues. They have gone to great lengths to sensationalize Pooja’s situation, even circulating her abusive audio clips on platforms like Instagram and TikTok without tagging her. The primary motive behind these actions is to monetize Pooja’s intellectual property without providing her any compensation or recognition.

Furthermore, Pooja has been dealing with constant annoyance and disruption caused by a hacked phone. This includes data deletion, phone shutdowns during crucial moments, prevention of important calls, and even deletion of contacts and social media handles. The perpetrators’ objective is to provoke Pooja’s anger and push her to the breaking point, ultimately benefiting her rivals. This situation needs to be exposed, and strict legal action should be taken against those responsible.

The repercussions of these malicious activities extend to Pooja’s professional life as well. Several international brands, who were considering Pooja as their brand ambassador, have now decided to cancel their deals due to the circulation of sensationalized content from her past, which dates back seven years. It is crucial to raise awareness about this matter because it unfairly impacts Pooja’s career prospects. It is important to note that Pooja has evolved significantly as a person since 2017, and the current attempts to tarnish her reputation are completely unwarranted.

It has become evident that there is an organized and paid campaign running across various social media platforms with the sole purpose of portraying Pooja as an eccentric individual and sabotaging her chances of securing work. This campaign needs to be exposed, and appropriate actions should be taken to rectify the situation.

Legal Action and Pursuit of Justice:

In response to the pervasive hacking and harassment, Pooja Misra has filed a hacking case in the High Court. She aims to bring her case to the forefront and seek justice for the severe violation of her privacy and professional life.


Pooja Misra’s situation sheds light on the grave consequences of cyberattacks and online harassment. The unauthorized access to and deletion of her social media accounts, along with the exploitation of her content for financial gain, have resulted in significant financial losses and damaged her reputation. Urgent measures are required to address such cybersecurity threats and protect individuals from the malicious actions of hackers and trolls. Pooja’s determination to pursue legal action demonstrates that she is strong enough to fight for her justice.

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