‘No pick and choose,’ says BCCI in response to allegations of ‘political involvement’ at ICC World Cup locations.

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Rajiv Shukla, Vice President of the BCCI, stated that the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) approval is critical while deciding the ICC World Cup 2023 locations.

The ICC World Cup 2023 itinerary was revealed on Tuesday, and it drew criticism from a number of political figures who alleged that the cricket authority chose some locations while ignoring others. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) replied to the charges on Wednesday, with Vice President Rajiv Shukla stating that the International Cricket Council (ICC)’s approval is critical for deciding the locations.

“For the first time, 12 World Cup venues have been chosen.” Previously, these numerous locations had not been picked for past World Cups. Warm-up matches will be staged in Trivandrum and Guwahati, while league matches will be contested at the remaining sites. “There are now more centers,” Rajiv Shukla stated.

“From venues in South Zone Four, Central Zone One, West Zone Two, and North Zone Two.” “The matches (in the North Zone) will be held in Delhi and Dharamshala,” he added.

Rajiv Shukla also revealed information about the new locations that have been chosen to host the ICC World Cup 2023 matches. “Lucknow has been included.” Uttar Pradesh has never given the opportunity to host a World Cup match. Guwahati has been given the opportunity. Many southern locations have been added. Before finalizing the locations, careful attention was done. These venues must be approved by the ICC. It is not entirely within our control. “All those who object should understand that we need the ICC’s permission to pick up these venues,” he stated.

Exclusion of major stadium

The political uproar was focused on significant stadiums missing from the list of ICC World Cup 2023 locations, including Mohali, Indore, Rajkot, Ranchi, and Nagpur. Punjab’s Sports Minister accused “political interference” in venue selection.

“The exclusion of Punjab’s Mohali from the list of tournament host cities was due to political interference.” “The Punjab government will raise this issue with the BCCI,” stated Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer.

In response to the exclusion of Mohali venue, Rajiv Shukla stated that “had it been ready according to the ICC standards, the stadium would have received the World Cup match.”

No “pick and choose” “Virat Kohli’s 100th Test was given to Mohali last year.” Mohali’s Mullanpur Stadium is being built. They would have gotten a World Cup match if it had been ready. The present stadium in Mohali does not fulfill ICC standards and hence was unable to host matches. But it doesn’t mean they won’t get matches. They will be assigned bilateral series matches on a rotating basis. There has been no ‘pick and choose’. The ICC’s approval is critical in determining the locations. Warm-up matches were held for the first time in Trivandrum. It is not that any center or zone has been overlooked. Stadiums were chosen after careful study, especially in the North East Zone.

Guwahati was awarded the matches. “A lot of flexibility has been built into the schedule,” he told news agency ANI.

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