“Miraculous Recovery: Doctors Successfully Remove Multiple Glass Pieces from Patient’s Digestive Tract”

“Miraculous Recovery: Doctors Successfully Remove Multiple Glass Pieces from Patient’s Digestive Tract” Doctors at Vibrant Hospital in Vapi, India have demonstrated their exceptional medical expertise and determination by successfully removing multiple glass pieces from the digestive tract of a 38-year-old male patient, saving his life in the process. The patient, who had been suffering from long-term diabetes and had lost his eyesight two years earlier due to the condition, made a suicidal attempt by ingesting multiple pieces of broken mirror one night, without anyone knowing.

The next day, the patient was admitted to the hospital with severe chest and abdominal pain and vomiting. An urgent CT scan revealed the presence of multiple pieces of broken mirror lodged in his esophagus, stomach, and large bowel. Despite being haemodynamically stable, the patient required immediate medical attention.

The team of doctors at Vibrant Hospital acted quickly, performing an urgent OGD scope to remove a large piece that was stuck in the patient’s esophagus. They then successfully removed multiple sharp pieces that were filling up the patient’s stomach, although in the process, three OGD scope meshes were completely damaged.

To remove the remaining glass pieces from the stomach and large bowel, an emergency laparotomy was performed simultaneously, and the surgery was carried out without incident. After three days in the ICU, the patient was transferred to a ward where he made a gradual recovery. No perforation was observed, and a few small pieces were eventually passed out through his stool.

The patient was discharged on the ninth day after admission and has since made a complete recovery. Also psychiatrist opinion was done to take care of mental health of patient. This effort by the medical team at Vibrant Hospital highlights their unwavering commitment to patient care and their ability to overcome even the most challenging medical conditions.

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