Glamour & Girders: Nalini’s Rise to Miss India Title

Nalini, with a Bachelor’s in Architecture, had a burning desire to enter the glamorous world of beauty and entertainment. During her college days, she explored modeling work, which further fueled her passion for the industry. After receiving training from Tiara, Pune, Nalini gained extensive knowledge of the beauty and show business.

Her journey took an exciting turn when she was selected to represent India in the Miss Tourism international beauty pageant in Malaysia in 2018. However, due to her studies, she had to withdraw from the competition. Despite this setback, Nalini persevered and emerged victorious in the Miss India Globe pageant, securing several subtitles such as Miss Best Walk, Miss Photogenic, and Miss Confident.

The accolades opened new doors for Nalini, and she received offers for music albums and various modeling assignments. In 2019, she was chosen by the prestigious international modeling agency, IMG, New York, for their global campaign, showcasing exotic faces from around the world. Additionally, Nalini participated in the Miss Diva pageant from Delhi, though her journey was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the pandemic-induced pause, Nalini delved into social media and content creation. Few people know that she is also a trained Kathak dancer and a certified semi-permanent makeup artist. However, being in the entertainment business comes with challenges, including the need to stay physically and mentally fit, while facing emotional incidents beyond one’s control.

Maintaining a lean physique requires sacrificing indulgent treats, highlighting the impactful sacrifices demanded in the industry. Nalini aspires to become an actress and has showcased her talents in numerous fashion shows, thriving in the spotlight as a people’s person. Her experiences in different parts of India have shaped her mindset and thought processes, enriching her journey further.

Nalini’s amorous journey from architecture to Miss India exemplifies her determination, passion, and versatile talents, creating a captivating narrative of ambition, growth, and perseverance in the world of entertainment.
Nalini also been part of Miss India Earth 2022 advocating The Golden Trail: Environmentally conscious tourism

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