Eco-Friendly Fitness: Exercising for Health and Sustainability

Meet Mohit Nijhawan, an urban, unconventional farmer who embarked on a mission to impact the health of Indians proactively. After years of working in the healthcare and biotech industry, Mohit’s desire to provide affordable, healthy food to the masses led him to introduce the concept of indoor hydroponic farming in India. His journey towards success, however, was not without obstacles.

Mohit’s entrepreneurial career took a difficult turn when his co-founder betrayed him, causing both mental and financial stress. But he didn’t let this setback define his journey. Instead, he used the experience to grow and become a more resilient entrepreneur. Withdrawing his provident fund, Mohit started his business journey again from the roof of his house.

Fast forward to May 2022, Embryonic Greens, Mohit’s brainchild, launched its first full-scale commercial farm in Mohali, Punjab, supplying over 65 different varieties of microgreens to people, retail locations, five-star hotels, and gourmet restaurants throughout the Tri-city region. The success of the pilot farm paved the way for an ambitious vision of establishing hydroponic farms in 10 different parts of the country by 2030.

Among their achievements are being featured in prestigious journals and national newspapers, receiving positive customer feedback, and expanding their market reach to other neighboring states like Himachal Pradesh and Punjab, including New Delhi.

The inspiration behind “GREENU” and the concept of live microgreens for health and wellness arose from the need to address diet-related diseases and the lack of fresh and pesticide-free vegetables in India. GREENU’s live microgreens, being 4 to 40 times more nutritious than regular veggies, provide a sustainable solution to nutritional deficiencies and health issues.

With a commitment to quality control and sustainability, GREENU ensures that every tray of microgreens delivered to customers is packed with nourishment and vitality. The vivid colors and tender textures of microgreens offer a delightful addition to cuisine, making healthy eating more enjoyable and accessible.

Mohit’s vision for GREENU extends beyond a profitable business. It’s about reconciling the needs of humans with innovative ways to improve and extend their lives. By providing an affordable and healthy food source that is fresh, attractive, nutritious, safe, and free of contaminants, GREENU aims to transform lives and contribute to the betterment of society.

In a world where health is paramount, GREENU’s live microgreens bring hope for a brighter, healthier future for all, Collective action is essential. With determination, passion, and a commitment to making a social impact, Mohit Nijhawan and GREENU are shaping a new narrative for the future of sustainable agriculture and wellness in India.

Website — https://embryonicgreens.com

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