Shining a Light: Celebrating Saaniya Jackson’s 28th Year

Saaniya Jackson, better known as SJ, is a young lightworker and healer from Delhi. Her journey started as a beacon of hope for those battling depression, anxiety, and other issues they were unable to share with anyone else. With her background in behavioral psychology and expertise in 5 tattva chromotherapy and crystal gemology, as well as Ayurvedic tridosha gem therapy, she embraced her purpose as a lightworker and committed herself to serving humanity.

Her spiritual journey led her to help more than 30,000 people across India since 2020. The universe seemed to have chosen her for this calling, and she passionately believes in the power of spirit energy, mind, and gems through the 5 tattva to facilitate healing. Her clients’ success stories bring immense joy to Saaniya, reinforcing her commitment to her life’s purpose.

The path hasn’t been without its challenges, but the support from her clients and soul family has helped her overcome obstacles gracefully. Saaniya’s achievements include being a recipient of the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Award ’06, a recognition of her dedication and impact in the field.

As the founder of SJ Diamond World, Saaniya aims to make metaphysical soul healing accessible to everyone. The store offers a wide range of healing crystals, certified gemstones, Nepali Rudraksha, and Reiki healing items. What sets SJ Diamond World apart is their commitment to providing government lab-certified unheated, untreated natural gemstones, catering to clients with varying budgets.

Managing her clients efficiently, SJ Diamond World employs a 24/7 availability through digital channels like Instagram and WhatsApp. A 24-48 hour shipping plan ensures quick delivery, and their fine craftsmanship of luxury designer jewelry and rings add to the allure of the brand.

Balancing her work and passion as a healer and entrepreneur might sound like a challenge, but Saaniya embraces the multitasking aspect with gratitude. She sees her business through the eyes of her customers, aiming to create India’s very own version of Tiffany and Co., offering an inclusive range of jewelry and gems to all.

As SJ Diamond World reaches its third anniversary, Saaniya expresses immense gratitude for the love and support received from people and their small soul family. With her vision and dedication, she continues to be a guiding light for those seeking healing and positivity in their lives

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