Anantnag Tragedy: Colonel Manpreet Singh’s Sacrifice

Anantnag was hit by tragedy as a magnificent story of sacrifice unfolded among the mayhem. Colonel Manpreet Singh, a committed Army soldier, talked to his brother only hours before dying in a battle with terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. Their talk seemed hopeful, as Colonel Singh promised to contact later that evening, a promise destiny brutally broke.

His bereaved brother, Virender Gill, described their parting words with heartbreaking anguish. Because of the Colonel’s pressing obligations, the call was cut short, leaving them with unspoken words that now hung heavily in the air. Colonel Singh’s injuries ruined their life, keeping the terrible truth from his wife, Jagmeet Kaur, a dedicated schoolteacher.

Today, Chandigarh awaits the return of the dead remains of the gallant Army Rashtriya Rifles unit Commanding Officer. Colonel Singh’s five-year service in the same unit was defined by bravery and unshakable commitment, and he was awarded the renowned Sena Medal for Gallantry in 2021. He had bravely eliminated terrorists who posed a menace to Jammu and Kashmir.

Colonel Singh was not the only victim of the tragedy; Major Ashish Dhonack and Deputy Superintendent Humayun Bhat were also killed in the shootout in the Kokorenag region. Their bravery and sacrifice will live on in our hearts forever.

The dark presence of the outlawed Resistance Front, believed of being a proxy of Pakistan-based Lashker-e-Taiba, lurks behind this terrible strike. This merciless organisation, which was responsible for earlier attacks, continues to terrorise the area.

As the country mourns these courageous men, their sacrifice serves as a sharp reminder of the difficulties in achieving peace and security in the turbulent area.

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