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Abboo Sayed: A Symphony of Visuals and Sounds

Abboo Sayed, a name that’s new in the music industry, is not your ordinary singer-songwriter. With more than a decade experience in Visual Fx and a passion for trekking and nature photography, his journey as an artist is as diverse as his talents.

Hailing from the bustling city of Mumbai, Abboo’s artistic journey is as varied as the experiences he’s gained over the years. He started off as a bass guitarist for a college rock band, played in cafes and eventually started singing. While playing as a musician one thing was always constant, love for himalayan treks. The mountains, as he puts it, is where he finds solace and inspiration. It’s during these treks that he not only finds clarity of mind but also nurtures his creative thoughts.

Abboo Sayed’s musical journey is a testament to his perseverance and creativity. “Koi na tha” his latest song release, has captivated audiences with its millennial vibes. Abboo had chosen music back in his college days itself, and life had its own lessons to teach him before this opportunity came knocking. Koi Na Tha is a song about pain, blessing and gratitude that everyone can relate to.

The song was originally composed for a short film titled “The Misconnection,” featuring popular actors Drashti Dhami and Shakti Arora, and directed by Yoma Shreshtha under the production of Dreamlight Maker.

Abboo’s journey as a singer songwriter has not only seen his music evolve but also his confidence to explore and experiment further. His desire is to make a lot of music with the freedom and creativity that flows through him. His commitment to his craft is evident, and his story is a testament to the idea that creativity knows no bounds.

Abboo Sayed, the singer-songwriter also a VFX professional, with a passion for travel and photography, and an unquenchable thirst for creativity, represents the essence of a true artist. His journey from leaving a rock band for a career in visual fx to making own music after a decade, leading to a creative resurgence is a story of determination and artistic growth. Abboo Sayed is an artist to watch, and as he continues to share his music and experiences with the world, his future in the industry looks promising. So, don’t miss out on “Koi na tha” and his upcoming releases available on all digital music platforms.

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