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CallPay: Pioneering a New Era in Digital Advertising Technology

This is how CallPay, led by Shaji Thomas, is transforming Digital Advertising in India, bringing in a new Ad-Tech era.

Marketing has been around for centuries. As civilizations advanced, so did marketing techniques. From vendors using persuasive techniques to catch the eye of potential buyers, to flickering screens for captivating commercials, Marketers have discovered the power of storytelling and the importance of visual appeal.

From Radio to Print, from static to motion. The journey continues, and the possibilities are boundless. Motivated by the evolving dynamics of data consumption and the exorbitant costs brands incure, to reach their target audience, Shaji Thomas conceptualized CallPay. His goal was clear – Transform ads from being a disruptive feature to be a rewarding element.

Shaji Thomas, the Founder of CallPay, embarked on a journey to revolutionize Digital Advertising in India through CallPay, which is set to redefine the landscape of advertising technology in India. In a world where the digital realm reigned supreme, Shaji noticed a glaring gap in the marketing landscape. “Marketers were flocking to the digital platform to reach their audience, but there was an inherent limitation – their messages were primarily confined to social media platforms. Those who didn’t use these platforms remained largely untapped,” says Shaji.

CallPay distinguishes itself through its innovative, effective, and widespread approach. Addressing limitations in current marketing practices, the platform ensures brands connect with their target customers seamlessly, even without relying on conventional social media platforms.

CallPay’s success is underscored by its inclusion among the 20 most innovative startups in India for the year 2023. Shaji’s vision of creating a solution that resonates with users while optimizing brand outreach has garnered widespread recognition.

The driving force behind CallPay is the desire to enhance user experience. Shaji envisions turning advertisements into features that users find rewarding, aligning with the evolving preferences of digital consumers.

A key differentiator for CallPay is its commitment to reach the target customers through phone calls, where your Ads are pushed on to the user’s phone screen during each phone call, without relying on the conventional social media platforms. This strategic approach ensures brands connect with their audience in the cheapest and the most effective manner, that too multiple times in a day.

CallPay’s listing among the 20 most revolutionary startups in 2023 solidifies its position as a trailblazer in the AdTech sector. Shaji Thomas’s commitment to transforming digital advertising has not only sparked industry recognition but also set the stage for a new era in user-centric, effective marketing solutions.

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