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Saarth Marwaha: From IIT to Edupower Founder

Saarth Marwaha, the founder of Edupower Academy, is a distinguished individual with a B.Tech degree from IIT Kharagpur. Despite being selected for an MBA at various IIMs and working as a Business Analyst at a top e-commerce company like OYO, Saarth chose to follow his passion for teaching, marking a shift from a lucrative corporate career to the dynamic field of education.

Motivated by the transformative potential of edtech, Saarth emphasizes its role as a game-changer, enabling students from remote areas to access top-notch faculty without the need for physical relocation. He highlights the cost-effectiveness and convenience of online coaching, eliminating the necessity for students to travel to offline centers.

On the professional front, Saarth acknowledges the challenge of raising initial capital for his venture but takes pride in his students’ achievements. Notably, his students have secured impressive rankings in exams like CUET and IIM-IPM, gaining admissions to prestigious institutions across India.

Edupower Academy, under Saarth’s leadership, has a significant social impact by offering affordable coaching accessible to students from diverse backgrounds, including economically weaker sections. The academy has played a pivotal role in helping underprivileged students secure admissions to renowned universities like Delhi University.

Saarth draws motivation from his father’s guidance during challenging times and finds inspiration in the success of his students. His two-fold motivation underscores familial support and the tangible impact of his educational initiatives.

Edupower Academy’s goals encompass providing top-notch educational facilities, individual attention, and a nurturing environment for students. The focus lies not only on exam success but on fostering critical thinking and analytical skills, creating lifelong learners.

Saarth envisions Edupower Academy as a leading name in the edtech industry, with a commitment to innovation, expansion, and a positive impact on the education sector. The academy aims to empower students with quality learning experiences, promoting academic excellence.

Outside the realm of education, Saarth indulges in interests like fitness, having dedicated two years to gym workouts, which he credits for maintaining mental health and composure during challenging times. Additionally, he enjoys biking and explores his culinary interests as a food enthusiast.

In conclusion, Saarth Marwaha’s journey from an IIT graduate to the founder of Edupower Academy showcases a passion-driven transition and a commitment to making quality education accessible to all. His multifaceted interests, dedication to fitness, and love for culinary exploration add depth to his entrepreneurial narrative.

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