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Crossroads: Where Choices Define Destiny

Interviewer: Thank you all for joining me today. Let’s dive straight into it. Swapoorna , could you share with us the journey you embarked on to bring Astha Sarkar to life?

Swapoorna : Absolutely. Portraying Astha was an incredibly rewarding experience for me. I delved deep into her psyche, exploring her past, present, and the emotional barriers she had erected. Astha taught me the importance of speaking one’s truth, a lesson I hope resonates with our audience.

Interviewer: Coral, your portrayal of Shubhi Tondon was truly captivating. What aspects of Shubhi’s character drew you in the most?

Coral: Thank you. Shubhi’s resilience in the face of societal judgment deeply resonated with me. Her journey towards self-acceptance amidst emotional turmoil was both inspiring and challenging to portray. I found her confrontation with slut-shaming particularly poignant.

Interviewer: Mohak , Ashesh’s character undergoes a significant transformation throughout the series. How did you approach capturing his evolution from carefree youth to mature adulthood?

Mohak : Playing Ashesh was a profound experience. I drew from my own personal growth journey, infusing Ashesh’s transition with authenticity and depth. His realisation of the value in life’s subtle moments struck a chord with me, especially in a scene where he discusses loyalty and marriage.

Interviewer: Anmol, Shreyansh is described as a multi-layered character. How did you navigate portraying his complexities, and what aspects of his personality did you find most intriguing?

Anmol: Shreyansh was indeed a character with many facets. I approached his portrayal with a focus on his passion and internal conflicts. His blend of confidence and insecurity, coupled with his toxic dedication to his pursuits, presented a rich tapestry to explore. I particularly resonated with his unwavering passion, despite its occasional toxicity.

Interviewer: Each of you has mentioned the guidance of director Gaurav Panjwani. Can you share a bit about your experience working with him and the GRV Films team?

All: Working with Gaurav sir was an absolute privilege. His patience, openness to collaboration, and passion for storytelling were evident in every aspect of the production. He created an environment where we felt empowered to explore our characters fully, resulting in a truly collaborative and fulfilling experience.

Interviewer: Finally, what do you hope audiences will take away from watching “Crossroads”?

All: We hope viewers will connect with the characters’ journeys, finding resonance in their struggles, triumphs, and growth. Through their experiences, we aim to inspire empathy, understanding, and perhaps a fresh perspective on life’s crossroads and the choices we make.

Interviewer: Thank you all for sharing your insights and experiences. It’s been a pleasure speaking with you.”Crossroads” offers viewers a compelling exploration of human emotions and relationships, thanks to the dedicated efforts of its talented cast and crew. As audiences embark on the characters’ journeys, they’re invited to reflect on their own experiences and perhaps find inspiration in the choices made at life’s crossroads.Also, Recently crossroads awarded as a best web series in jaipur international film festival 2024.

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