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Mindset Maven: The Journey of Saurabh Gupta

Saurabh Gupta, an author and tech entrepreneur based in India, embodies the fusion of intellect, entrepreneurship, and literary finesse. A distinguished alumnus of Harvard Business School, Saurabh has ventured into multiple domains – from an acclaimed author to a tech entrepreneur. While aspiring to produce fiction in the future, his technical and management books have gained immense success among readers. His books on database management have achieved worldwide acclaim, earning numerous citations and recommendations as textbooks in universities worldwide.

Very few are aware that Saurabh started his career as an instructor at a Lucknow-based academy that taught SSB courses. He conducted classes on the psychological interpretation of the human mind in stress situations, emotions, perceptions, and apperception. He fondly remembers those moments as the most satisfying, as the joy of teaching and witnessing the results is incomparable. However, recognizing the limited market potential in this field, he transitioned to the corporate sector in data analytics. After gaining experience in the industry for several years, he embarked on his journey as an author.

Saurabh’s first two books, published in 2012 and 2016 respectively, were based on Oracle databases, the product he has been closely involved with. Both books were bestsellers, showcasing not only his expertise in the data domain but also highlighting his ability to simplify advanced concepts for tech readers aspiring to excel in the subject. His third work on data lakes and analytics was published by Apress in 2018. As we know, data is the oil and soil of today’s era, and organizations must exploit it to gain competitive intelligence and discover growth opportunities. This book taught how to manage end-to-end data discipline within an organization.

Saurabh’s venture into management literature with his book on Change Leadership showcases his skill in navigating the complexities of organizational culture and change dynamics. This marked his first self-published Kindle-only release, empowering leaders to navigate through waves of change with finesse and fortitude. However, as the saying goes, an author is a magician if a reader sees the world through his eyes. His long-awaited exploration of the human psyche’s practice was still waiting to come to life.

Saurabh’s latest release, “The Whys of the Mind,” truly captivates both the human psyche and emotions. Drawing from his early stint as a psychology instructor and the mentorship that shaped his understanding of human behavior, Saurabh offers a profound exploration of the complexities that govern our minds. The 50-page pocket reference dives straight into both how we think and feel about emotions—success, ambitions, biases, failures, and resilience. Emotions are an inherent part of the human experience, shaping our thoughts, actions, and interactions on a daily basis. They govern not only our personal lives but also influence the decisions we make in our professional spheres. He considers this book a tribute to his instructor, JB Mall Sa’ab, who played a pivotal role in shaping his mindset during his early years.

As Saurabh continues to chart new frontiers in the literary landscape, his journey serves as an inspiration to both aspiring authors and entrepreneurs alike. Through his words, he not only enlightens minds but also touches hearts, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of human knowledge and understanding

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