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Lazarus Union: Promoting Peace and Solidarity

The Lazarus Union is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) with United Nations ECOSOC General Consultative Status, promotes humanitarian and charitable activities, often through its participation in civil protection, disaster relief, and emergency medical services.

The Lazarus Union was founded in 2006 by Wolfgang Steinhardt, a prominent Austrian figure known for his involvement in various humanitarian and social causes. The organization is based in Austria and operates on principles of humanitarian aid, peacekeeping, and solidarity. While rooted in Austria, the Lazarus Union has established a global presence through its partnerships and collaborative efforts with other organizations worldwide. This international outreach allows it to respond effectively to crises and contribute to global peace and humanitarian efforts.

Lazarus Union chapter was introduced in India by Dr.Dinesh Sabnis in the year 2020 and from then Dr. Dinesh Sabnis has played a significant role as the Commander in Chief and Ambassador of the Lazarus Union in India. His involvement spans various areas aligned with the Lazarus Union’s core principles, including Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), peacebuilding, cultural diplomacy, education, and humanitarian support.

Dr. Dinesh Sabnis has been recognized with multiple awards for his notable contributions, particularly in the fields of education, cultural exchange, and humanitarian efforts. His accolades include the Rajya Puraskar from Government of Maharashtra, Book of Peace Award from Funvic & UNESCO. Lazarus Union also honoured, Dr.Sabnis with  UN NGO Grand Cross, Special Medal of Mission Cross & UN NGO Honor Medal for his exemplary duties in projects on Lazarus Union principals.

These awards collectively highlight Dr. Dinesh Sabnis’s commitment to making a difference in education, cultural exchange, and humanitarian support, underscoring his significant impact on communities locally in India and potentially globally through his involvement with the Lazarus Union.

Lazarus Union & Ambassador Dr.Dinesh Sabnis is looking forward to expand possible areas of development that could benefit Indian society and Indian population as a whole, here are some potential areas where the organization could focus its efforts in near future:

  1. Expansion of Humanitarian Aid Initiatives: Increasing efforts in providing immediate humanitarian aid during natural disasters, conflicts, and emergencies across different regions of India. This could involve enhancing response capabilities, establishing more partnerships with local NGOs and government agencies, and improving coordination in disaster relief efforts.
  2. Enhancement of Educational Programs: Expanding educational initiatives to reach more communities and improve educational outcomes. This may include launching new projects focused on teacher training, curriculum development, digital literacy, and promoting access to quality education in underserved areas.
  3. Cultural Exchange and Preservation: Strengthening cultural exchange programs that promote understanding and appreciation of India’s diverse cultural heritage. This could involve organizing more cultural events, exhibitions, workshops, and exchanges with international partners to showcase India’s rich cultural traditions.
  4. Promotion of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Aligning activities with the SDGs to address key challenges such as poverty alleviation, healthcare access, environmental sustainability, and gender equality. This might include launching initiatives that contribute to sustainable development practices and empower communities to achieve long-term development goals.
  5. Capacity Building and Training: Investing in capacity building programs for local communities, including skills development, entrepreneurship training, and leadership programs. This could empower individuals to become agents of change within their communities and contribute to sustainable development.
  6. Advocacy and Policy Influence: Engaging in advocacy efforts to influence policies that support the Lazarus Union’s mission and priorities in India. This may involve collaborating with policymakers, participating in forums, and advocating for legislation that promotes peace, humanitarian aid, and cultural exchange.
  7. Partnerships and Collaboration: Strengthening partnerships with governmental bodies, civil society organizations, academia, and corporate sectors to leverage resources, expertise, and networks for greater impact. This could foster innovative approaches and sustainable solutions to challenges faced by communities in India.
  8. Monitoring and Evaluation: Implementing robust monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to assess the effectiveness and impact of programs and initiatives. This ensures accountability, transparency, and continuous improvement in delivering outcomes that benefit Indian communities.

These future plans reflect the Lazarus Union’s commitment to advancing its mission of humanitarian aid, peacebuilding, cultural exchange, and sustainable development in India, guided by principles of solidarity, compassion, and collaboration.

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