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Sonia’s Spiritual Contributions Celebrated

Meet Sonia Sharma Chandel, a distinguished spiritual healer and coach who has profoundly impacted the lives of many. With an impressive background and a journey marked by resilience and dedication, Sonia has become a beacon of hope and transformation for those seeking spiritual guidance in Ujjain city and beyond.

Turning Point

Sonia’s path to becoming a spiritual healer was ignited by a deeply personal experience—her miscarriage. A friend introduced her to Switchwords, which opened a door to a new realm of healing and self-discovery. Inspired by the profound changes in her own life, Sonia delved deeper into various spiritual modalities, ultimately choosing to share her knowledge and skills with others.

Struggles and Obstacles

Balancing professional aspirations with personal life challenges, Sonia continued her teaching journey even during her pregnancy. Her unwavering strength and dedication were supported by her husband, Abhimanyuu Singh Chandel, who stood as her pillar of support throughout.


Sonia’s contributions to the spiritual community have been widely recognized. She was honored as the “Psychic Medium of the Year 2024” by Kitescraft Production and the “Women Change Maker of the Year 2024” at the M.P. Business Glory Awards by Swiftnift. Additionally, she received a gold medal, presented by the Governor of Madhya Pradesh, and has been a guest on the “Supertalks” podcast. She was also awarded the title of “Spiritual Mentor” by the Rabindra Ratna Puraskar.

Motivation and Goals

Sonia’s primary goal is to heal and resolve life issues for as many individuals as possible. Her dedication to this mission is evident through her extensive knowledge and expertise in over 53 spiritual modalities.

Psychic Insights by Soniya Abhimanyu

Together with her husband, Abhimanyuu Singh Chandel, Sonia founded “Psychic Insights by Soniya Abhimanyu.” As a spiritual coach and healer, Sonia imparts wisdom in diverse areas including past life reading, mediumship, Akashic records reading, Lamafera healing, and more. Her holistic approach and psychic expertise have earned her immense respect and acclaim in the spiritual community.

Connect with Sonia

To learn more about Sonia and her work, you can visit her Instagram, Facebook, and website.

Click To View Website – Soniya Abhimanyu.

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