Sameer Satyarth – Biography

Sameer Satyarth , The CEO of renowned personality website and Digital Branding Company Raidonnews.
Raidonnews is the India’s leading personality website and Digital Branding Company.
Sameer Satyarth is from Saharsa Bihar. A small district in Bihar.
Currently sameer is pursuing Btech from very popular College IEM Kolkata .
Besides the CEO , sameer is also professional Cricketer at Bihar cricket association.
About Sameer Satyarth.
Sameer Satyarth is Entrepreneur, professional web designer , web developer , Blogger and Digital marketer.
Sameer Satyarth launched his website on 2019 named as raidonnews and slowly slowly raidonnews becomes the most popular website for personality featuring .
And currently raidonnews has achieved many success.
Now , RAIDONNEWS is with collaboration with India’s other top website’s like daily hunt , Entrepreneur Stories, Punjab metro , feature India and many others and we can also say alomost all websites of india.
Raidonnews is serving it’s services to all over the world. Currently raidonnews have more than 1000+ active cleints.
About 45 team mates are working with sameer anand on raidonnews.
During interview Sameer says that the most important role for this success is done by The MD of company Nandini Singh and Website coordinator Komal Singh.
Sameer also adds that Whatever I am, it is only because of my brother, he taught me everything.
Founder of raidonnews is Sameer’s elder brother Er. Shashank Shekhar.

Early life of Sameer Satyarth.

Sameer is good in his studies so that he get decent marks in every examination and that’s why he is doing Btech from very renowned College of Kolkata , IEM Kolkata.
Most of Sameer’s childhood was spent in the village of Bihar and was spent in sports
Sameer belongs to a middle class family. Sameer’s father is a government doctor, and because of good educational background sameer knows the value of education . And that’s why he give same priority to both , studies and sport’s.
From class 6th sameer started to learn website development and other new digital thing’s.
And slowly slowly at class 9th sameer developed his first website with the help of his brother.
He failed many times but he never stopped and tried agian and again . And finally in 2019 sameer’s raidonnews get Google verification and also he started earning a very good amount.

Just because of his hard work and consistency sameer has becomed the youngest Enterpreneur of India.
Sameer’s company raidonnews is now working with many other popular companies like Multiphase Digital and The designeer .

In the field of PR Branding Sameer’s raidonnews is ruling the Market by having completed cover over the Market.

Future plans.
Sameer Future plans is to bring raidonnews at local level.
Raidonnews official news portal will be launching soon.
Raidonnews is launching its own magizine.
Sameer is also working for India’s first free educational platforms. And He has also started a new website named as raidoneducation.com

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