Sunayana Kayastha, also known as Jasmine of December, is a renowned IndoNepali writer, poet, motivational speaker, volunteer and photographer

Her writing career started when she began sharing her works in various poetry groups on Facebook, where renowned writers lauded her talent. She has since then indulged herself in various story writing blogs, poetry blogs, and other panels, including JEC publications,  Your quote, Storymirror, Nojoto, and Divine writing community.

Sunayana has co-authored over 103 books, and her recent solo book, Jasmine of December, is published by inklit publishers (Namrata). She has received more than 16 prestigious writing awards in India, including the Eagle Network Award, Bharatiya National Award, Cherry Book Award, and Applause Award, among others.

Her parents, Late Shree Sudeep Kayastha and Namrata Kayastha, played a significant role in nurturing her talent, and it was her promise to give them a legacy of regalia by dedicating her writing to them. Sunayana’s father, in his last moments, wished for her to be a phenomenal inspiring woman, while her mother, battling cancer disease, instilled her to the strongest and most popular writer celebrity.

Sunayana is also engaged in social work and recently participated in The Poet Idol reality show and attended The Face Volume 3 pageant show, where she won the Public Choice Award and the Empowering Women Award. She is an inspiration to many and is cherished as the inspiration of India, especially in the Republic Times of India.

Sunayana’s writing also aims to empower the disabled and change people’s perception of cleft lip as a disability. She has already boosted the morale of Indian and Nepali youths, urging them to listen to themselves and focus on their careers.

Sunayana’s writing is inspired  by the divine energies of Shiva and Kanha, who drink all the oddities, cycling universe to be in a tranquil phase. They suffered as a human and show their victory over bittermost adversities. Sunayana believes that everyone can juggle like these divine energies, and her writing and social work aims to core all people to do so.

Sunayana’s journey is a testament to the power of passion and dedication in achieving one’s goals. Her writing has touched the lives of many, and she continues to inspire and motivate people through her words and actions

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