Meghalaya Nuggets

Meghalaya Nuggets
Meghalaya Nuggets

Groups from Assam and Meghalaya meet to resolve their disputes.
3 June, JOWAI On Saturday, there were discussions about the current state of affairs in the interstate border regions between the Karbi Students’ Association and the Jaintia Students’ Movement. The participants at the meeting, which was held in Karbi Hemtun, 6th Mile, Guwahati, expressed their gratitude to the JSM and KSA for taking the initiative to start talks to reduce tensions along the borders. They regretted that there had been a fight recently.the interstate border areas, and claimed that this had a negative impact on the trust amongst the area’s long-term residents. It should be noted that the goal of the conversations, which were attended by the presidents of the KSA and JSM, among others, was to foster confidence and restore normalcy along the interstate border areas.

Launch of a health initiative in EJH KHLIEHRIAT on June 3: The Meghalaya AIDS Control Society’s Project Director, Dr. B. Decruse, and other district authorities were present when Cabinet Minister Kyrmen Shylla on Friday officially started the Integrated Health Campaign at Khliehriat. Also present were East Jaintia Hills Deputy Commissioner A Baranwal and other district officials. Speaking to the group as the primary guest, Shylla expressed worry about the district’s high HIV infection rate and urged a cooperative effort from the public and several line departments to address the issue by reaching out to as many communities as possible. He demanded prompt HIV tests while reassuring the public that patient information is kept private.

World Environment Day activities scheduled in SHILLONG on June 2: The state government is planning a number of events for World Environment Day 2023, beginning on Saturday with a Dorbar Shnong of eight localities, including Demthring, Nongrim Hills, Umpling, Rilbong, Demseiniong, Pynthorumkhrah, Nongmensong, and Urkaliar. This event is being organized in collaboration with the Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board (MSPCB).Sensitization of the community, river cleanup, and plastic cleanup initiative. “Beat Plastic Pollution” is the focus of this year’s World Environment Day events. The Forest and Environment Department and MSPCB will host a bicycle rally at the State Central Library on June 5 beginning at 7 am to further commemorate the event and raise public awareness of the need of conserving energy, lowering one’s carbon footprint, and maintaining physical fitness. In the meanwhile, on June 5 from 10 am to 1 pm, the Shillong Municipal Board and the Indian Institute of Professional Studies will jointly organize a one-day awareness program through a brief street play on the “Zero Littering Program” at five key places.

Teachers’ attendance will now be tracked through a mobile app in EJH.

KHLIEHRIAT, June 2: In the presence of East Jaintia Hills Deputy Commissioner A Baranwal, among other authorities and stakeholders, Cabinet Minister Kyrmen Shylla on Friday unveiled the School Attendance Monitoring System app, the first of its kind in Meghalaya. Shylla addressed the group and advised the teachers to use the app to communicate with the district administration. The minister stated, “I think that this software will assist the student community in terms of not missing out due to the unapproved absence of a teacher. Additionally, it was mentioned during the presentation.

that the app would track teachers’ attendance at different district schools as suggested by its name. It should be noted that a 15-day window will be offered for all district instructors to sign up for the app.
POWERGRID takes part in Swachhta Pakhwada’s national event.
Tuesday, June 2: POWERGRID recently held programs in 23 areas, including Shillong, as part of the statewide celebration of Swachhta Pakhwada. The Pakhwada was planned with the intention of raising and promoting public awareness of cleanliness and hygiene, according to a statement made here. Cleaning campaigns, essay and slogan competitions, debate and recitation events, the giving of cotton bags to small-time vendors, and nukkad natak on promotion are just a few of the Swachhta Pakhwada activities.the handling of solid waste, et al.

On June 2, the government initiates the Nasha-Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan in EJH KHLIEHRIAT. The Nasha-Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan was officially inaugurated by Cabinet Minister Kyrmen Shylla on Friday in East Jaintia Hills’ Lad Rymbai Dongwah. Deputy Commissioner A. Baranwal, District Social Welfare Officer R. Passah, Senior State Coordinator Empowerment Ananya Majumder, and others were present at the inaugural ceremony. Speaking to the crowd, Shylla pleaded with the young people not to succumb to peer pressure. Instead of being fascinated about how doing drugs makes you feel, he advised people to be curious about things that will help them in the future rather than things that will ruin their lives. Additionally, Shylla thanked the ANTF and the Police Department for their work in reducing the district’s narcotics supply. Following the program,In addition, the minister launched a bike rally from Lad Rymbai to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of drug usage.

Shillong hosts a program to commemorate the founding of Goa, Telangana.

SHILLONG, 2 June: The foundation day of Goa and Telangana was commemorated on Friday at Raj Bhavan, Shillong, in accordance with the Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat initiative. According to a release, the program was attended by Air Marshall, Eastern Air Command, SP Dharkar as the principal guest, with Commissioner and Secretary to the Governor, Dr BDR Tiwari also in attendance. “The evening showcased Meghalaya’s rich cultural tapestry presented through the Shad Shoh Kba or the harvest dance of the Jaintias, Bharatnatyam dances presented by the Geetanjali Dance Academy, and a musical performance by Sur Nongkyndong Orchestra,” according to the release. Shillong’s Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) in conjunction with the ArtsSenior officials from the state and national governments, as well as people from Goa and Telegana living in Meghalaya, attended the occasion.

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