From Banking to Content Writing: The Inspiring Journey of Nobomita Banerjee

Nobomita Banerjee’s life has been a remarkable journey filled with diverse experiences and accomplishments. Starting her career in banking, she ventured into content writing and authorship to balance work, household responsibilities, and motherhood. Despite facing numerous obstacles and struggles, Nobomita has shown unwavering determination and resilience throughout her professional and personal life. Her life so far has been a tale of different career choices, achievements in various fields amidst various challenges, and collecting wisdom from life-changing experiences.

After completing her MBA in Marketing from ICFAI Business School, Chennai, Nobomita began her professional journey as a banker at HSBC Bank through campus placement. Seeking a better work-life balance, Nobomita transitioned into content writing. Initially, she pursued freelance content writing while managing her household and caring for her newborn. Later, she became a content writer, working from home to balance work and family life. This career shift allowed her to explore and develop her creative abilities, foster uniqueness in her writing style, and cultivate a tenacious mindset.

Throughout her life, Nobomita faced significant challenges. Her mother’s frequent surgeries, starting from a young age, demanded her attention and care. Despite these difficulties, she remained focused on her education and career growth. In 2015-16, she took her mother to Hyderabad for treatment, ultimately improving her health. Despite facing personal hardships, Nobomita persisted in her career, demonstrating her determination to succeed and creating a new career path for a content writer. She is willing to experiment, learn new skills and upgrade them to stay relevant.

Numerous achievements have adorned Nobomita’s life. At age 10, she earned a yellow belt in karate. She received training in Indian classical music from a young age, showcasing her passion for diverse fields. Despite her mother’s surgeries and a bedridden condition when she was only 16, Nobomita secured an impressive 80.5% mark and a first division in her class X board exams, exemplifying her resilience and dedication to academics. She has been serious about fitness and regularly worked out at the gym in the evenings, even though office work kept her on the go throughout the day. She is a dynamic lady who started taking Zumba lessons ten years back and has resumed it now. After completing work assignments and managing the household, she has the zeal to attend Zumba classes to stay energetic. It goes to show her passion for fitness and dance.

She is a self-taught artist who participated in art exhibitions during college and even after becoming a banking professional. After her child turned six months old, Nobomita rekindled her passion for painting through free online classes and began participating in beauty pageants. Her participation in various pageants, including Matrimaa, Mr, Miss and Mrs Kolkata, and Indie Royal Miss Mrs India, reflects her confidence and ability to shine in different arenas. She has also designed the interiors of her new home in Kolkata. Nobomita’s family, especially her in-laws, are fond of her culinary skills, and this lady auditioned for MasterChef India in 2022. Being a multi-talented lady, she exhibited her painting skills in one pageant, sang a classic in the second and danced to a hit Bollywood number in the talent round of the recent pageant that she participated in. She has received appreciation for each of the performances.

Currently working as a content writer in a tech company, Nobomita aspires to grow as an editor and awaits a promotion. She is also working on her first book, “Love of the Nile and Ganges,” which will soon be published by a leading Noida-based publisher.

Nobomita Banerjee’s journey from being a banker to becoming a content writer and author is an inspiring tale of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of a balanced life. Her experiences in the banking industry equipped her with essential skills and perseverance. At the same time, her foray into content writing allowed her to explore her creativity and develop a tenacious mindset. She is a keen learner and a role model for all women who want a career shift after embracing motherhood, as she achieved this feat at 38. As she looks ahead to a promising future, with aspirations of growing as an editor and publishing her first book, Nobomita Banerjee continues to inspire others with her indomitable spirit and an unwavering pursuit of her dreams.
She believes in Paulo Coelho’s quote from the novel, Eleven Minutes:
“When I had nothing to lose, I had everything. When I stopped being who I am, I found myself.”

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