Meet Minakshi Singh, The Author of ”Inside the Nirbhaya Rape”

Minakshi Singh the author of Inside the Nirbhaya Rap
Minakshi Singh the author of Inside the Nirbhaya Rap

Minakshi Singh, a political science graduate with honors from Sri Aurobindo College and a master’s degree holder from the Indira Gandhi Open University, has emerged as a powerful voice in her new book, “Inside the Nirbhaya Rape: Aftermath.” The book delves into one of the most horrifying crimes committed in India’s history and sheds light on its aftermath. It explores the unimaginable suffering endured by the victim and the monumental impact it had on the country. In this article, we will discuss Minakshi Singh’s motivation behind writing this book, her personal journey throughout the writing process, the obstacles she faced, and the achievements she has attained.

Can you tell us more about your book?

 Inside the Nirbhaya Rape: Aftermath, my second book, explores one of the most heinous crimes committed in a country that shocked people’s consciences. The victim’s mother, who rebelled solely to ensure her daughter’s justice, is portrayed in the book as struggling.

It is not just a book but an in-depth account of the brutalities and suffering that a 23-year-old girl experienced on the night that altered her life and prompted the government to change the country’s rape laws. It demonstrates how a single horrendous crime had a profound effect on the country and its people. 

What made you write this book?

My book analyses every facet of the 2012 gang rape of Nirbhaya, which left her family and the country with many unanswered concerns. I set out to write this book to address any pointless queries like, “Why she is out at such an odd hour?”

“Is she out with her boyfriend?” you ask?

What were they doing on the bus to cause those crooks to forcefully rape her?

This book is created with logical argumentation and all the false presumptions that the majority of people hold and use to “victimize” others.

This book examines sexual assault that had reached the pinnacle of insanity, changed the landscape of rape legislation, shook people’s moral fibre, and was thoughtful, controversial, and educational.

The major aim behind writing this book is to open up with all answers people are still searching for related to the Nirbhaya rape. It’s important to distinguish between Nirbhaya acting like a victim or having suffered and never receiving the respect she deserves as a citizen of the nation.

 How was your overall journey as an author ?

To be honest, I was in anger and shattered while writing this book. Had heard about many rape cases, but Nirbhayas’s story was unforgettable.

I remember the time when my family used to watch the news, and everyone cried over Nirbhaya’s death.

As a girl, I had felt the pain of not fulfilling my dream to be a doctor. I  could feel the suffering she endured for those 13 days when she was unable to drink even a drop of water. Although the experience wasn’t pleasant, the finest part of writing about Nirbhaya made me stronger and more conscious of the country’s laws, which shouldn’t exclude these minors. The moment has come for our independent courts to place more emphasis on the seriousness of crime than on the age of the criminal. I had to get through a lot. Sometimes I started crying or thinking about how we are going to live in this country knowing the fact we have to raise ourselves independently.

Sometimes I question myself about being a girl.

There were lots of scenes when I broke down while writing this book but I had strong support from my family members and friends. The best part was meeting Nirbhaya’s mother who motivated me, helped me to overcome my fears, and complete the book.

I completed it with full enthusiasm, as I wanted to showcase many shades of truth which were buried underneath in the Nirbhaya case.

During your journey, what obstacles and struggles you faced and how did you overcomed it?

 As we are aware rape is a traumatic experience that affects victims physically, psychologically, and socially.

It was just the situation where I felt like falling, thinking this is the only reason why most parents think -” Our daughters will get raped every time they step out of the house”.

I was devastated for Nirbhaya who had endured such suffering and cruelty, who had ambitions and aspirations to pursue, but one night had taken everything from her—her self-respect, self-assurance, and will to live. Writing about something that killed your inner self and soul requires a lot of guts.

It was not just the rape it was insanity. It was inhumanity that still makes me scared even after 8 years. It will always be remembered, especially when discussing the most horrific act committed in the country.

Would you like to share your achievements with us?

I never dream of becoming a writer, I just started with a passion for doing something exciting, out of the box.

During covid, I master my skills and become more tilted toward social, and political issues. I started analyzing topics that are mostly ignored by our young youth.

It took 2 years of consistent hard work to reach this place. Sometimes I got no money for my articles and sometimes I got recognized by various magazines like – Elysian, blue rose, litgleam, popular babe society, and so on. My greatest achievement was my first book followed by my second book which is no doubt, very close to my heart. I am blessed to have such positive reviews and praying to get more like this and make positive changes in my writing skills for sure.

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