Sonali Satpathy: Pioneering Change through Law and Philanthropy

Meet Sonali Satpathy, a multifaceted individual who has embraced various roles throughout her professional journey. From her entrepreneurial ventures to freelancing and now practicing law, Sonali has dedicated herself to making a positive impact on society. With a strong passion for justice and a drive to empower others, she has become a respected advocate and the founder of the NGO “Smile and Let Smile Association.”

Sonali’s journey into law began when she faced numerous legal challenges while serving her industrial clients as a freelancer. The confusion she experienced and the desire to provide clear legal guidance to her clients motivated her to pursue an LLB degree. Her law school journey was driven by a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to understanding legal concepts thoroughly.

During her practice, Sonali also became a Practitioner of Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) and developed a particular interest in the subject. She educated people through her social media handles about various aspects of the POSH Acts and laws, and her efforts garnered mixed responses. To further raise awareness, she conducted open-ended sessions for the general public, organized awareness sessions for industries, and provided training for Internal Committees.

One of Sonali’s notable achievements is her role as the founder of the NGO “Smile and Let Smile Association.” The organization focuses on the welfare of women, children, and laborers. Through their initiative called “ONE RUPEE FOR CHANGE,” they aim to eradicate hunger from society. Understanding the financial constraints people face, the NGO collects small donations of Rs. 1/- to provide support and food to those in need. In addition to this, they conduct camps on labor safety and hygiene, anti-depression campaigns, health check-up camps, and facilitate a “Wall of Benefits” where people can donate and receive essential items.

As an entrepreneur, freelancer, and advocate, Sonali enjoys playing all these roles simultaneously. She attributes her ability to manage these roles to her passion and the joy she derives from helping and supporting people. With a deep-rooted motivation to create a better India, Sonali works tirelessly to provide basic amenities and address societal issues.

For budding lawyers, Sonali offers some valuable advice. While the old advice suggests focusing on one area, she encourages individuals to explore various areas of law that intrigue and excite them. She believes that there is no one right way to do something and that embracing new opportunities can lead to personal and professional growth.

Sonali Satpathy has been associated with two notable organizations, namely “Scoppe Widespread Pvt. Ltd.” and “JUSTICE Law Firm & Arbitration Centre.” As a dedicated professional, Sonali has made significant contributions in both these domains. In her role at Scoppe Widespread Pvt. Ltd., she has demonstrated her expertise in areas such as business development, strategic planning, and project management. Her diligent approach and strong leadership skills have been instrumental in driving the company’s growth and success.

Additionally, Sonali has also been associated with the esteemed JUSTICE Law Firm and Arbitration Centre. Her involvement in this legal realm showcases her passion for justice and her commitment to providing expert legal services. As a member of the firm, she has actively participated in various legal cases, utilizing her extensive knowledge of the law to advocate for her clients’ rights. Sonali’s dedication, meticulousness, and ability to navigate complex legal matters have earned her recognition within the legal community.

Overall, Sonali Satpathy’s associations with Scoppe Widespread Pvt. Ltd. and JUSTICE Law Firm & Arbitration Centre reflect her versatile skill set and her dedication to both business and legal domains. Through her contributions, she has undoubtedly made a positive impact in these organizations and has established herself as a proficient professional in her field.

Sonali Satpathy is a shining example of someone who uses her legal expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to make a difference. Through her dedication to justice, empowerment, and philanthropy, she continues to inspire others to pursue their passions and create a positive impact in their communities.

INTERVIEW: Sonali, an Entrepreneur, Freelancer and an Advocate! (lawctopus.com)

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