Inspiring Change: Sindhu Shekar’s Influence on Beauty and Travel

Travellathon’s inception traces back to eight years ago when Sindhu Shekar realised her love for travel and decided to share her expertise with friends looking for their dream destinations. Starting as a humble recommendation service, Travellathon quickly gained traction, thanks to Sindhu’s
personal touch and genuine passion for travel. Over the years, Travellathon has grown into a prominent global destination management company, offering comprehensive services ranging from flights and holidays to luxurious hotels and visa assistance. The company has successfully curated
unforgettable travel experiences for clients all around the world. family has played a crucial role in supporting her and she is thankful to her husband Rithesh shetty who is actively a part of travellathon and to have travelled with her across 55 countries so far and many more to go.

Not content with just one endeavour, Sindhu delved into the beauty industry and established Bling Nail and Makeover Studio a few months ago. This chic studio she started along with her mother Taruna shekar who is an enthusiast to run the salon that offers a range of nail services, lashes and permanent makeup captivating the hearts of beauty enthusiasts every where. Bling prides itself on creating personalised and artistic designs that reflect each individual’s style and personality. As an added treat, Bling Nail and Makeover Studio is currently running an exclusive promotion – a tempting 10 percent off all services.

Turning into a serial entrepreneur, yet again Sindhu is set to start another company Travonn Holidays
aims to break away from the conventional travel norms by curating one of a kind journeys that cater to specific interests and passions. Unlike standard holiday packages, which often follow a fixed itinerary, Travonn Holidays will focus on crafting tailor-made experiences that resonate with individual travellers. The concept of “off-best experiences” introduces travellers to the lesser-known aspects of destinations, delving into the local culture, traditions, and lifestyles. Sindhu Shekar believes that travellers seek more than just sightseeing; they desire authentic connections and
meaningful interactions with the places they visit.

With Travonn Holidays, travellers can expect immersive experiences that showcase the heart and soul of each destination. This includes engaging with local communities, participating in cultural activities, and gaining valuable insights from seasoned guides and experts. Sindhu Shekar’s remarkable journey from helping friends find destinations to becoming a global travel powerhouse and a rising star in the beauty industry serves as an inspiring tale of entrepreneurial success.

With the upcoming launch of Travonn Holidays, her commitment to offering exceptional experiences continues to shape the travel and beauty sectors. As Sindhu Shekar’s enterprises thrive, her story resonates with aspiring entrepreneurs, reminding them that passion, dedication, and innovation can turn dreams into reality.

Website — https://www.travellathon.com

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