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Anuradha Prasad’s ‘You cannot be soooo right’: A Literary Gem


In the realm of contemporary literature, Anuradha Prasad stands as a luminary, and her recent literary endeavor, ‘You cannot be soooo right,’ is a testament to her unmatched prowess in storytelling. As a bestselling author, Prasad has once again captured the essence of the human experience, weaving a narrative that transcends the boundaries of conventional literature.

Unraveling the Masterpiece

‘You cannot be soooo right’ is not merely a book; it is an immersive journey that challenges the very fabric of readers’ perspectives on life and resilience. Prasad’s linguistic brilliance, coupled with a compelling narrative, elevates this work to the status of a literary gem. The resonance of language found in this masterpiece mirrors the excellence witnessed in her previous bestsellers, solidifying her position as a literary force to be reckoned with.

Storytelling Brilliance

Prasad’s storytelling prowess shines brilliantly throughout the novel, capturing the readers’ hearts and minds. The narrative not only evokes emotions but also disrupts preconceived notions, leaving readers in awe of the author’s ability to craft a story that lingers in their memories long after they’ve closed the book. Each chapter unfolds with unexpected twists, creating a constant tension that transforms the novel into a truly gripping read.

The Essence of Prasad’s Writing

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to label Anuradha Prasad’s books as a masterful collection of poetic prose. The real triumph lies in the lucid language she employs, a skill that is characteristically hers. The cake, so to speak, is taken away by her ability to weave words into a tapestry that resonates with readers on a profound level.

The Journey Unveiled

In a candid revelation, Prasad shares the organic evolution of her journey into the world of writing. From her school days, where she diligently maintained a diary and expressed her thoughts through poetry, to becoming a student of English literature, her writing gift unfolded organically into a full-fledged profession. Her journey, as she succinctly captions it, has transformed from being ‘Limit to Limitless.’

Motivation and Recognition

Prasad’s motivation stems from a profound need for self-expression, coupled with a desire for personal glory and recognition. She emphatically states that recognition is the ultimate achievement for any artist, and she remains unapologetically ‘gullible’ to its allure. This unyielding commitment to her craft is evident in the poetic tapestry she weaves, challenging readers to reconsider their preconceived notions and embrace the beautiful messiness of the human experience.

Captivating Narrative

‘You cannot be soooo right’ is more than a literary triumph; it is a captivating narrative that reflects Prasad’s genuine passion for storytelling. As readers delve into the intricate layers of deception, vulnerability, and self-discovery, they embark on a lingering journey that is both compelling and thought-provoking. The novel stands as a testament to Prasad’s ability to blend mystery, introspection, and emotional maturation seamlessly.


In conclusion, Anuradha Prasad’s ‘You cannot be soooo right’ is a literary triumph that transcends conventional boundaries. The novel’s emotional depth, unexpected twists, and lucid language make it a standout work in the vast ocean of literature. Prasad’s ability to challenge perceptions and explore the complexities of the human experience sets her apart as a literary virtuoso.

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