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Archana Bhardwaj’s Visionary Path with Beryl & Kartel

Archana Bhardwaj, a businesswoman with an MBA, shares her inspiring journey of founding Beryl & Kartel. Motivated by a passion for fashion and a desire for sustainable, quality clothing, she saw an opportunity to fill a market gap. Facing challenges in logistics, design choices, and market recognition, Archana remained resilient, learning and growing with each obstacle.
Let’s sneak in what Archana have to say

Interviewer: Archana, can you take us back to the beginning? What inspired you to enter the fashion industry and establish Beryl & Kartel?

Archana: Growing up, my passion for design and style was undeniable. But it was a pivotal moment of frustration in finding sustainable, quality clothing that sparked the idea for Beryl & Kartel. I saw an opportunity to combine my creativity with a commitment to ethical fashion.

Interviewer: Your journey sounds intriguing. What were the primary challenges you faced in building Beryl & Kartel, especially in such a competitive industry?

Archana: Navigating logistics and supply chain hurdles was a significant challenge. From material delays to distribution issues, quick thinking and effective problem-solving became crucial. Also, finding the right designs to resonate with our audience while staying true to our identity demanded meticulous research and creative decision-making.

Interviewer: Impressive resilience. Can you share a notable achievement in your journey with Beryl & Kartel?

Archana: Customer retention has been a highlight. Building strong relationships based on quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction has fostered a loyal following. Also, making strides in promoting sustainability within the fashion industry is a proud achievement for me.

Interviewer: Looking ahead, what’s your vision for Beryl & Kartel?

Archana: My vision is to seamlessly blend technology with clothing, revolutionizing the fashion experience. I aim to create stylish, sustainable garments that prioritize comfort and functionality. Beryl & Kartel is not just about fashion; it’s about leaving a positive impact on people and the planet.

Interviewer: That’s inspiring. How do you see Beryl & Kartel making a difference in people’s lives?

Archana: Ultimately, I want every person wearing Beryl & Kartel to feel not only stylish and confident but also empowered and uplifted. Through clothing, I aim to bring joy, self-expression, and a sense of connection with themselves and the world.

Interviewer: Thank you, Archana, for sharing your journey and vision with us. It’s clear that Beryl & Kartel is not just a brand but a commitment to positive change in the fashion industry.

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