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SJ Unveiled: A Glimpse into the Heart of a Gemstone Maven

In an exclusive interview with Saaniya Jackson, the dynamic force behind the gemstone industry, we explore the facets of her captivating persona. As she dons the hat of both entrepreneur and musician, Saaniya, affectionately known as SJ, shares insights into her journey, passions, and the intricacies of her personal life.

Delving into the World of Romance: The Selfish Romantic Revealed

Amidst the glittering world of gemstones, SJ confesses to being a “selfish romantic.” Her candid admission unveils a side that craves undivided attention in matters of the heart. Reflecting on past heartaches and separations, SJ emphasizes the importance of communication and maintaining respect in all relationships, be they romantic or platonic.

Love Beyond Boundaries: SJ’s Compassionate Commitment

Beyond her professional triumphs, SJ opens up about her commitment to veganism and her heartwarming relationship with adopted pet birds, including Australian Cockatiels and rescued Leghorn Roosters. Her dream of establishing a foundation for abandoned birds reflects a compassionate mindset that extends beyond human connections.

A Rapid Fire Glimpse into SJ’s World: Quirks and Preferences Unveiled

Favorite Month: August (Her Birthday Month)

Valentine’s Day Perspective: SJ not only appreciates the celebration of love but also values the essence of Saint Valentino.

Ideal Date: SJ envisions a simple, serene setting with a cup of vegan latte.

Favorite Gift: Flowers hold a special place in SJ’s heart.

Dressing Style: SJ describes herself as simple and classy, favoring classic watches, good cologne, and a sophisticated look with folded sleeves.

Favorite Date Season: Neutral – A balance between neither too cold nor too hot.

Favorite Color: BLACK & Royal Blue

Favorite Food on a Date: North Indian cuisine is SJ’s top pick.

Favorite Word: MAGIC

Least Favorite Word: “I was BUSY.”

Go-To Pastime: SJ finds solace in singing.

Favorite Fragrance: Currently using Aerin Amber Musk & The Soul Store Elixir, Billionaire

Wake-Up Time: 5 AM

Bedtime: 10:30 PM

Favorite Music: SJ’s musical preferences lean towards the iconic Michael Jackson.

Favorite Movie Genre: SJ resonates with the style of Shah Rukh Khan (SRK).

Style in One Word: Sophisticated

Landscape Dream: SJ envisions living amidst the forested beauty of Europe.

Dream Movie Co-Star: SJ playfully dreams of working alongside Tom Cruise or Chris Evans.

Relationship Tip: SJ underscores the importance of Communication, Communication & Communication.

Marriage Plans: While SJ hints at future plans, details remain a well-guarded secret for now.

This interview provides an intimate glimpse into Saaniya Jackson’s life, filled with passion, compassion, and a touch of mystery. Wishing SJ and her admirers a delightful Valentine’s Day celebration!

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