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Luxury Through Time: A Journey into India’s Opulent Past

Luxury is like stepping into a world of fancy things – the kind of stuff that makes you say, “Wow!” In a cool book called “Bharat, A Luxe Story,” written by Prof. Mahul Brahma, we get to go on an adventure through India’s love for luxury. It’s not just about expensive stuff; it’s about how Indians have enjoyed fancy things throughout history.

Bharat, A Luxe Story, 10th book of Prof Mahul Brahma, was launched by the Ambassador of Brazil to India HE Kenneth Feli Haczynski Da Nobrega and will be launched in Bath Business School in the UK later this year by Pro Vice Chancellor Professor John Strachan.

Imagine kings and queens decked out in the fanciest jewels and riding in the coolest cars. That’s what it was like back in the day when Indian royalty splurged on luxury items. Prof. Brahma tells us stories about these fancy moments, like when a king asked Cartier to make a gigantic necklace with a ton of diamonds, or when another king turned fancy cars into garbage trucks – talk about using luxury in a whole new way!

But luxury isn’t just about showing off. It’s also about feeling good and making a statement. That’s why even regular folks like us enjoy a taste of luxury every now and then. Whether it’s a fancy watch or a designer bag, luxury items make us feel special.

Prof. Brahma’s book isn’t just about cool stories, though. It’s also about why luxury matters to Indians. It’s about our culture and how we see ourselves. Through his book, we learn that luxury isn’t just about spending lots of money; it’s about expressing who we are and what we value.

So, next time you see something fancy and think, “I wish I had that,” remember that luxury is more than just a shiny object – it’s a part of India’s rich history and culture.

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