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Diksha Dogra’s journey from Banker to Spiritual Healer

Diksha’s Spiritual Journey: An Interview with Tarot Card Reader and Numerologist Diksha Dogra Kaushik

Interviewer: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
Diksha Dogra Kaushik: Hello! I’m Diksha Dogra Kaushik, a dedicated and driven individual with a strong work ethic and a passion for excellence. I used to work at Abu Dhabi Bank, where I excelled in my professional role. However, personal challenges led me to explore spirituality, and now I am a tarot card reader and numerologist. My journey has been transformative and deeply fulfilling.

Interviewer: What was the turning point that made you choose this field?
Diksha: The turning point for me was a period of depression due to some personal issues. During this difficult time, I found solace in healing and tarot sessions, which offered me guidance and validation. This experience ignited a desire to learn more about astrology and to help others find their own paths to happiness and fulfillment. It’s been a beautiful journey of self-discovery and healing.

Interviewer: What are some of the struggles and obstacles you have faced in this field?

Diksha: Like many in this field, I have faced several struggles:

Self-doubt and imposter syndrome: Constantly questioning my abilities and feeling like a fraud.
Skepticism and criticism: Dealing with disbelief and ridicule from those who do not understand or accept tarot.
Emotional exhaustion: Managing the emotional weight of my clients’ issues and energies.
Boundaries and burnout: Maintaining healthy limits and prioritizing self-care.
Competition and comparison: The pressure to compete with other readers and comparing my skills.
Continuous learning: Keeping up with new techniques, deck interpretations, and spiritual practices.
Marketing and business challenges: Promoting my services and navigating the business side of my practice.

Interviewer: Despite these challenges, you’ve achieved a lot. Can you share some of your accomplishments?
Diksha: I am honored to have received the Women Excellence Award and the Astro Star Award in 2023. These recognitions mean a lot to me and motivate me to continue my work in helping others.

Interviewer: What motivates you in your work?
Diksha: My motivation comes from helping others navigate life’s challenges and find clarity. I am passionate about empowering individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and potential, and I strive to provide a safe and supportive space for self-discovery and growth. Additionally, I am driven by a desire to explore the mysteries of the universe and the human experience, continuously learning and deepening my understanding of tarot and spiritual practices.

Interviewer: What are your goals for the future?
Diksha: My goals include becoming a trusted and compassionate guide for those seeking guidance, developing a loyal client base, and building a successful tarot practice. I aim to create engaging and informative content to share my knowledge and inspire others. I also hope to collaborate with other spiritual practitioners and professionals to expand my reach and impact. Continuous improvement of my skills and knowledge through ongoing education and training is also a key goal. Ultimately, I want to help others find their path to happiness and fulfillment.

Interviewer: How can people connect with you and learn more about your work?
Diksha: For more insights and to connect with me, you can follow me on Instagram at @the_paranormal_divine. I look forward to embarking on this transformative adventure together and may the cards reveal the secrets of your soul.

Interviewer: Thank you, Diksha, for sharing your journey and insights with us.
Diksha: Thank you for having me. It’s been a pleasure sharing my story.

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