Dr. Chandani Dhanani: Championing Pediatric Healthcare

Dr. Chandani Dhanani, a highly skilled and compassionate pediatrician and neonatologist, has dedicated her career to the care and well-being of infants and children. With an impressive background and extensive work experience, Dr. Dhanani has played a crucial role in providing specialized medical care to newborns and pediatric patients. This article will explore Dr. Dhanani’s qualifications, expertise, and her significant contributions in the field of pediatric medicine.

Dr. Chandani Dhanani holds an MBBS degree and has specialized in pediatrics and neonatology. She completed her DCH (Diploma in Child Health) and DNB (Diplomate of National Board) in Pediatrics, further enhancing her skills and knowledge in the field.

Additionally, she holds FIAP (NICU) certification, which denotes her expertise in neonatal intensive care. Dr. Dhanani’s educational background equips her with the necessary expertise to handle a wide range of pediatric cases and provide comprehensive care to infants and children.

Dr. Dhanani’s work experience showcases her dedication and commitment to the well being of her patients. She has worked as a resident in the Department of Pediatrics at S.N. Medical College for two years, where she gained valuable experience in managing various pediatric cases. Following this, she worked as a DNB resident in the Pediatric Department at K.G. Patel Children Hospital in Vadodara for two years and three months, further expanding her knowledge and skills.

Dr. Dhanani’s passion for neonatology led her to serve as a Fellow in Neonatology at Nirmal Hospital Pvt Ltd in Surat for one year. During this fellowship, she specialized in providing advanced care to newborns with critical conditions, including preterm babies, infants with neonatal jaundice, birth asphyxia, and respiratory support. Her expertise also extends to managing conditions such as sepsis, hypoglycemia, and electrolyte imbalances in neonates.

Dr. Dhanani’s skills and contributions in the field of pediatric medicine are commendable. She has attended numerous delivery calls, providing immediate care and resuscitation to newborns. Having treated over 1,000 newborns, she has successfully managed cases involving prematurity, low birth weight, neonatal jaundice, birth asphyxia, and respiratory support using both non-invasive and invasive ventilatory methods. Additionally, Dr. Dhanani has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating conditions like sepsis, hypoglycemia, and electrolyte imbalances in neonates.

Moreover, Dr. Dhanani has actively contributed to outpatient care, providing guidance on growth and development, offering nutritional guidance, and administering vaccinations to infants in well-baby clinics. Her expertise extends to inpatient care as well, where she has treated over 1,000 pediatric patients in ICUs and general pediatric wards. Dr. Dhanani’s dedication to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to newborns and children is evident in her continuous commitment to their well-being.

Currently, Dr. Chandani Dhanani continues her invaluable work at Vibrant Multispeciality Hospital in Vapi, where she provides ongoing care to newborns and pediatric patients. Her expertise and passion for pediatric medicine ensure that infants and children receive the highest level of medical care and attention.

Dr. Chandani Dhanani’s exceptional qualifications, extensive work experience, and dedication to pediatric medicine and neonatology make her a highly respected and influential figure in her field. Her skills in managing critical neon.

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